Oliver Watherston

Business Intelligence Manager, Gilead Sciences

Former Deallus Employee

January 2012 – June 2015

Current Role

Business Intelligence Manager, Gilead Sciences


PhD, University of Leeds; MSc, University of Nottingham

About Oliver

Tell us about yourself.

Born and bred in Yorkshire, I’m a Northern man at heart living in the South of England.   I am majorly interested in sport and play golf, football, squash and tennis; I’m also a keen supporter of Manchester United and the New England Patriots.  My family were originally 13th century cattle rustlers from the border region of Scotland; I’m also recently married and wore my tartan tux with pride walking down the aisle.

Why did you join Deallus?

Deallus was a small but growing firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and med-tech consulting. It was based in London but provided me the opportunity to work with the major companies in pharma; also, the opportunity to work with client headquarters and not just affiliates was a major attraction.

What was your favorite thing about working at Deallus?

I had the opportunity to interact directly with clients from Day 1. Many of my friends worked for major consulting houses and they often felt limited by their company’s hierarchical culture. Deallus put me in front of the client early on, but also were confident that I was ready for the interaction would bring something to the meeting.

How has your time at Deallus developed you and help set you up for success in your new role?

I had exposure to lots of clients at various levels, including some very senior within their company. This has given me the confidence to speak to my mind in meetings in my new role, no matter who is in the room. I don’t think that anyone wants a shrinking violet in the corner of a meeting room and Deallus help equip me with the skills and confidence to challenge senior colleagues and voice my opinion effectively and respectfully.

What advice would you have for someone joining Deallus?

It can be hard work but the experiences you have will absolutely be worth it and will provide you with many skills that are useful in future industries.

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