Our Culture

Flat structure with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy

Our Culture

A global, private-equity backed business

Founded in 2004 near London, our start-up roots run deep within the business and fuel our impressive growth and evolution.

Now a global, private-equity backed business, we maintain many of the entrepreneurial traits that have contributed to our success over the past decade – we have a flat structure that provides employees with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy in their work.

Our collaborative culture promotes innovation; we abhor the cookie-cutter approach to consulting and pride ourselves on delivering tailored, unique solutions to the client.  Our environment is high-energy and fast-paced, and we balance that by fostering strong social connections between colleagues within and across our global offices through various social outings, inter-office ‘Movember’ competitions and an annual global retreat.

Our Values

Seven key values that fuel our excellence


We aim to show enthusiasm and energy at all times for all tasks, spreading an infectious positivity to colleagues and clients alike. We strive to go beyond the call of duty to deliver outstanding results and solutions for our clients.


We are not a group of wallflowers. We thrive on debate, challenge and getting to the nub of the issue. With consultants working collaboratively across the globe, effective communication and team work are at the core of our process. We strive to embrace new experiences and adopt new behaviours.


We live by the highest standards of thoughtful, evidence-based outputs and processes, embracing honesty and objectivity. We fight to steer a successful course through conflict and discovery.


We are a people-business. We expect a demonstration of real respect for fellow colleagues and clients and for the status quo of the business. We are a positive influence on the team in any setting and set standards for others to follow.

Learning Mindset

We seek out new challenges and look to stretch ourselves, asking for feedback and amending our behaviour or performance accordingly. Self-awareness and self-reflection are instinctive for us in order to grow. Blaming others or not squaring up to reality is not acceptable.


Remaining calm despite the pressures of work, setbacks or conflicts is important for both rational thought and good relations. Managing emotions and remaining professional at all times are qualities we admire and encourage.


We guard and cherish the proposals and projects that we work on as our reputation depends on it. Our clients must feel that they are being “looked after” in a way that no other company or person can match. A Deallus employee sees a task through to the very end with total dedication and a true sense of real responsibility.

Our People

Bright, passionate and enthusiastic

‘Dealli’ are what make Deallus such an interesting and fun place to work.

We hire highly bright, passionate and enthusiastic individuals who are committed to growing our business.  Our employees come from a variety of academic, professional and personal backgrounds: over 75% of our consultants have advanced degrees; over half possess PhD’s; and, collectively we have fluency in about 25 languages.  This mix of experiences and perspectives creates a rich learning environment for our employees.

The most important thing we look for in a new hire is someone who shares our values.  Individuals who succeed in Deallus are self-starters – they like to work to their own initiative.  They are intellectually curious, like working in teams and building strong relationships with their clients and colleagues.  They are confident to challenge the status quo and are equally open to new perspectives and ways of thinking.  They are resilient, with an ability to manage the occasional ambiguity of a growing business, and operate with a high degree of authenticity and integrity.

Featured Dealli

Focused, resourceful and ambitious

Working at Deallus

An open and energised culture where Experts are able to thrive

We are proud of our unique and collegial culture at Deallus.

Our Alumni

Capable, dedicated and respected

We are proud of the relationships we have not only with current ‘Dealli’ but also with our growing network of ‘Deallumni’. 

Deallus provides people a very broad and deep exposure to the pharmaceutical industry as well as the chance to develop valuable client, project and people management skills.  This has helped a number of our former employees move onto exciting opportunities in industry and beyond.

We have Deallumni positioned in management and strategic roles in many of the top pharmaceutical companies globally; we equally have former employees working in venture capital, managing hedge funds or running their own start-ups – we even have one ex-employee preparing to row solo across the Atlantic in the summer of 2016 (good luck Matteo!).

Deallumni Roles

Wide-ranging across various industries

Featured Deallumni

Prepared, experienced and successful

Our Impact