Philip Miller

Senior Director, Astellas Pharma

Former Deallus Employee

November 2008 – June 2015

Current Role

Senior Director, Astellas Pharma


PhD, Molecular Pharmacology, GlaxoSmithKline & University of Leeds

About Philip

Tell us about yourself.

My life has dramatically changed as I’ve recently became a father and most of my spare time is now spent taking care of my newborn. However, until recently, I was making the most out of living in London doing things I enjoy – regularly eating out, going to gigs and the theatre. I also play 5-a-side football to stay fit, but mostly as an excuse for a post-match pint!

Why did you join Deallus?

It was immediately clear that Deallus offered me a great opportunity to achieve success and to gain an invaluable range of experiences and early responsibility. At the time, Deallus offered me all I was looking for in an entry-level consulting role. Specifically, I wanted to join a young and growing firm that specialised in the life sciences. I was also attracted to the diversity of Deallus’ projects and their impressive team.

What was your favorite thing about working at Deallus?

Deallus is full of extremely bright and interesting individuals who have a passion to go beyond expectations at all times and a genuine sense of pride in the work they deliver. Whether I was working on a project or at a work social, I always felt lucky to have such a great team around me.

How has your time at Deallus developed you and help set you up for success in your new role?

First and foremost, my time at Deallus made me an expert on the pharmaceutical industry. There are very few consultancies that offer the opportunity to gain such a breadth of experience working on a variety of different project types and clients. Additionally, the opportunity to play an integral role in the growth of a business will stand me in good stead for wherever my career takes me.

What advice would you have for someone joining Deallus?

Deallus is at an exciting stage in its lifecycle. The business is established as a leader in competitive intelligence across the life sciences industry and is well-placed to use this status to make ever more significant strides in the broader strategy consulting field. If anyone is looking to join, it is crucially important that they buy-in to the unique value that Deallus offers relative to competitors. This is founded in the rigour and creativity in the research process as well as the emphasis on the generation of competitive insight. It is the passion for this fundamental building-block of any conclusion or recommendation that ensures Deallus continues to exceed expectations whilst fostering relationships with its outstanding and growing list of clients.

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