Think World Class Strategy Workshops.
Think Deallus Consulting.

Deallus specialises in designing and facilitating strategy workshops that help our clients deal with the uncertainty of decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our workshops are designed to enable you to pressure-test your strategies for brands, franchises or entire portfolios in a risk-free environment through facilitated meetings, competitor simulations or broader environmental simulations.

Each workshop is unique to each client and is designed to help you understand the likely outcome of a specific event within your changing market landscape to aid long-term planning through scenario analysis.

Why work with us?

  • Legacy: we have run over 300 workshops, over 4 continents supporting multiple top 30 pharma decision makers throughout the product and portfolio lifecycle
  • Expertise: our expert facilitation is complemented by our specialist industry understanding, exclusive design and facilitation approaches and client side experience
  • Seamless Execution: we understand that strategic workshops are high profile events that must be run smoothly and professionally, so every workshop engagement consists of seamless preparation and delivery
  • Innovative Design: whilst we are grounded in best practice, our flexible and innovative processes ensures that we can deliver an event which is tailored to your specific needs, according to the type, timelines and dynamics of the competitive challenge you face
  • Evidence Based: complemented by our industry leading research capabilities, our workshop design aims to ensure that participants have outstanding insights from their competitive landscape at the time of the event, maximising the confidence in the actions and decisions being developed on the day
  • Results Focused: on average, our strategy workshops show a >95% participant engagement/approval rating. Repeat workshops are regularly requested by clients, often taking learnings from a global or regional workshop to the affiliate level

Get Inspired – A selection of workshops we have designed and faciliated in the last 6 months

  • Developed core positioning and messaging statements versus a forthcoming competitor, involving full benchmarking of the TPP and commercial capabilities (Anti-infectives Brand, Global Scope)
  • Developed an LCM strategy for a dermatology product facing patent expiration (Dermatology Franchise, EU Scope)
  • Created alignment of an EMEA strategy for a product that was poorly-differentiated versus its in-class competitors (CVM, EU Brand Team)
  • Helped train and focus a business unit in order to develop a more competitive mind-set prior to a key launch and patent expiration (Women’s Health, Global Scope)
  • Supported client in preparing for a major tendering bid in the haemophilia space where more established manufacturers were also competing (Haematology, Domestic Scope)
  • Refined product positioning and launch tactics in light of anticipated competitor responses as a client prepared to launch an asset in Australia, India and ASEAN markets (Metabolics Brand, JPAC Scope)

Our clients say…

“Very well-structured and organized. To be honest, this is the best workshop I have ever attended.”Senior Brand Lead, Top 20 Pharma Co.

“Deallus were very responsive, extremely flexible, and executed the project within the agreed timeframes.  The research and preparation for the strategic planning workshop was strong, and the consultative approach the team took in designing the workshop was much appreciated.” Senior Brand Manager, Top 10 Pharma Co.

“Overall, we were very satisfied with the output of the workshop, and will definitely be repeating it next year.” Vice President of Marketing, Top 20 Pharma Co.

“This is exactly what our brand team needed: a challenging but objective way to revisit our strategy. Thank you very much.”Key Account Manager, Top 10 Pharma Co.

“The computer game simulation workshop was absolutely amazing,mind blowing…seeing the effect of our strategy “dynamically” was extremely powerful.”Senior Brand Marketing Director, Top 20 Diagnostics Co.